Avary Holding is primarily engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sales of all types of PCB.
Avary Holding has first-class quality and services, which provides a full range of circuit board products to meet the needs of "one-stop shopping" from customers.


Communication boards are mainly applied in various types of communication products such as mobile phones, routers, and switches. Our communication boards include motherboards, sub-boards, speaker module boards, antenna module boards, camera module boards, LCM module boards and fingerprint identification module boards.

Consumer electronics and computers

Consumer electronics boards are mainly applied in tablets, wearable devices, game consoles and smart home devices that are closely related to modern consumer life and entertainment. In the early stage of Avary establishment, the company has entered the field of consumer electronics, which include optical measuring boards, vibrating module boards and flat cable boards to meet the high performance requirements of PCBs.

Automotive Electronics
and Industrial Control

In addition to communication boards, consumer electronics and computer boards, Avary also has product layouts in other areas such as automotive electronics and industrial control. In the field of automotive electronics, the company's products have been specifically applied to automotive electronic products such as daytime running lights systems, car navigation systems, car audio and video entertainment systems and car charging equipment systems; products in industrial control mainly include industrial computer boards, etc. The main customers are those companies of industrial motherboard design.